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02-19-2012, 02:28 AM
It is so rare and at the same time refreshing to see that there are still some (literally) players who actually care about the really neglected (or non-existent whatsoever) aspects of this game.

What you say about crafting, especially in Suggestion 1, is similar to what some few voices, including mine, have been asking or suggesting in the past or since headstart if you will, but was rewarded with plain indifference & unconcern.There were many ingenious suggestions about crafting complexity and mechanics made by players in the past,i wish i had the will to search the forums and link them but i don't.

I am going to be the 1st to be glad if this thread gets the attention it deserves, but it is my duty to warn you not to keep your hopes up.It is my understanding after all this time that most players and the devs simply don't care about making what you say happen in STO,in some form or another.And i am not talking just about crafting customization.

I keep an open mind & window of hopefully been wrong as i know there are changes coming to crafting in season 6.But personally i am close to completely give up this ever happening.At this point i just hope for the best.