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02-19-2012, 04:16 AM
There is always the dingaling that wants to wander off and spawn the cubes on elite in his own....then dies and they wander towards the grp and he also ignores the prbes........not really sure which viable strat that is......

peeps will be angry because they feel they are entitled to do whatver and however they some extent maybe so. But to ruin for others is not fair...lets call a spade a spade......their collective inexperience ruin it for others and we hide it in the guise of..they have a right to be there which can ruin it for others.

Lets look at it from the other side of the coin.....When you load up for an elite stf you rightfully expect the players to be it fair to ruin the game for those who are because the other player has a right to be there and is answering the call of the GREED because more powerful loot can drop.

i , for one, am tired of those who claim they have a right to be there, and in doing so ruin it for everyone else.

We all know to whom this no need to get defensive the rest of you all......the ones who are able to do easy mode and try elite only to get a beat down...I am more speaking of the morons who clutter the elite stf's with dumb and inexperienced nonsense.....

What you need in an elite stf

1. communication i.e. we all know what to do yes or no? pls answer......pls talk in chat
2. Know your role and play it with some level of competancy. That also means have the gear set up right and be ready to go.
3. More communication.....GUYS!! I need help...too many probes or I lagged (hehe yeah right)
4. Perhaps optionally read the forums and know what is different about this stf on elite as compared to easy.
5. Cooperation...
6. This applies to those who are vets to elite a little forgiving........stop with the insults. I am so tired of folks being rude and foul mouthed because the stf goes sour. Unless of course it is obvious and blatant...then tear em a new hole.....

As a side note I have been in so many stf's and sometimes it is amusing to watch a grp trying to kill a cube in elite that takes 25 mins or Donatra that takes 15 mins......something is not being done right....