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02-19-2012, 07:29 AM
Originally Posted by fuzun View Post
Nagorak has done extensive testing with various combinations of weapon load outs. The good news is adding more beam weapons will do more damage. But the additional DPS does start to drop off as you add more weapons. After 6 Beam weapons, the damage curve really starts to flatten out.
Originally Posted by SpeckV View Post
Seriously? Man I always thought they did. Why do I always see them in Escort builds? Doesn't really seem like it'd be worth the slot.
There's a reason all of the veteran PvPers run at least 1 EPS Flow Reg on their Escorts, even if they're using builds without Beam Overload

Nagorak's testing is sound, but old. Somewhere back in the day, a patch was introduced that either accidentally (or intentionally, no one really knows) changed how those mechanics work. Your DPS will be higher with high power transfer rates.

EDIT: Here's an easy way to test it. Have it an Engineer? Pop EPS Power Transfer and watch your power levels. With 8 Beams, I'm not dropping below 105-110.