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02-19-2012, 06:30 AM
The thing that so many people are missing is quite simple.

Elite is for the Elite. Yes it is Elitist, that's why it's called Elite. Why ever try to argue that?

I'm sick of going into Elite STFs and getting bundled with inexperienced players who "did ok" in normal STFs and think that qualifies them to try for Elite.
I'm sorry, but no. Just because you "did ok" in normal does not, by any means, make you ready for Elite. At the very least you must have a build that is able to Survive all the normal STFs without being killed to even think of trying Elite.
On top of that, tactics on Elite are very different than on Normal. What most people do on Normal simply doesn't work on Elite (Cure Space as a prime example), so you should also be thinking of reading up on the forums and learning the tactics that do work.

Since the F2P horde began reaching max level, I'm no longer seeing the point of trying to solo queue STFs anymore. I do them all with fleet teams now, teams I can trust.