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02-19-2012, 06:33 AM
Originally Posted by Tenkari
the only time you even have to fight anyoine on the cube is the last area. just scan the transport devices and have your BO's passive and you can pretty much just walk by all the borg.

just a simplified version of what the poster above me said. however for the final room, i would suggest putting team markers in the hallway before the room then make sure they are on the active stance and pull the borg slowly into that room, for e it worked pretty well.

That is difficult if you wish to get the accolade in that final room, though. You have to peeve off just about every Borg in that room.

Otherwise, it is easiest done with an engineer. Throw up a Cover Shield to block the passage way and a Quantum Mortar on your side. It will tear up the Borg while they try to whittle down that shield to get to you.