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02-19-2012, 07:44 AM
To be fair, when I respond in that thread, in the camp that would probably describe you as elitist, I kind of already got side-tracked by the vitriol about 'noobs' being spewed by the supporters in your camp. And my experiences with people responding less than gracefully when there turns out to be someone clueless on the team, after they mess things up...

In and of itself it's not unreasonable to say people should do each STF a few times before its elite variant unlocks. That won't stop people from flying into Elites on ships plastered in green and blue mk X equipment, though. Which will then be the next point of order in the thread in question. One suggestion I saw was requiring people to already own either the Omega Force, M.A.C.O. or Honor Guard set before being allowed into elite STFs. That's more than a few times, and it means people are pretty much kitted out already. (A lot of people will get their third set item, shout "Done!" and never run an STF again.) And then there's still the issue that the tactics that work in normal STFs don't work in the elite ones. So it's not actually training anyone.

Add to that the misbehaviour I see from 'veterans' in STFs when all too often things don't go completely according to their wishes, and that there is already an option for people to put together their own teams, and I'm not in much of a state of mind to try to reason with people who come in raging and try to find some common ground.

Bottom line, there is no way to enforce automatically, through the gameclient, things like people communicating, having read or watched tutorials, cooperating, knowing their role, etc... It just can't. It never will. You can impose all kinds of draconian measures and lock out people who would do okay, and still let in idiots who rode the coattails of others long enough to meet the gear and 'experience' requirements. The only way to put together a good team is to do it yourself. If you want to just play a quick match, and you select the random option, then there's risks attached, and you just have to live with those.