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02-19-2012, 07:15 AM
When it cmes to the Feature Episode Series, I rank them as follows from best to worst.

1. Devidian Series
2. Reman Series
3. Breen Series

Now... I'm not going to show the Dominion one in there because 2 episodes of lackluster isn't enough to fully judge it, yet. However, it is cruising to bump up the Breen series from my least favorite of them all. Breen series aside, I did like the Defera dailies. As pretty as the city on Bajor is, Ii'll be as dead as the Captain's Table in a few weeks time. Everybody knows where everrything is on DS9 and it's layout is easy to navigate. With the STF's (which the queues are currently broken for), the Borg gear is on DS9. There are a couple of really decent things that could be done to make Bajor a place people want and must go to.

Redesign the city better! Start with a simple center (square) and make it the beam in point. Have structures around that for a few things. Bank and mail, Tailor, the main mission contact, and the rest of the various vendors. Once that's done, just build around that. The temple and very nice pond on one side, more Starfleet contacts and stuff on the other, a crafting area with special Bajoran crafting recipes, and then the conflict area. You may end up with a square map (could really be any shape but to prove a point), it makes things easy to navigate, gives players a reason to go there, and people might just enjoy it more to return.

The one last suggestion to tie into the series I think really is what gives Bajor the kick in the rear to make people go there. When running the Feature Episode series, take away DS9 as a zone players can visit while it is occupied by the Dominion. So... after completing the first episode in the series, Bajor now becomes the hub until which every episode of the series is completed where the Fed's (and Klingon's) retake the station.