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02-19-2012, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by xiphenon
I'm a new player and I'm also wondering what is more effective on a battle cruiser (Vor'cha refit): cannons or beams. There are different opinions as far as I've read the forums.

From my little experience so far, I currently favor cannons. Not, because beams generally do less damage, but mainly because BO has a longer cooldown as CRF and FaW is from my feeling less effctive than Volley. For the BoPs: canons > beams imho.
RF and BO have the same CD - 30 seconds. You can actually 'preload' a BO so that you can fire one right after the other; Load one up, wait until it's timer is down to 1-2 seconds, fire it, use a Weapons Battery, fire Beam Overload again since it'll be off CD.

(Same tactic works with High Yield)