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02-19-2012, 08:03 AM
Your main Character (the Captain) will ALWAYS have access to his Special Skills. They do not require a Bridge Station to use, only his/her Character Level.

The Skills WILL some times be hidden. Press the P Button to call up the Powers window. You can find all of your Captain's and your Bridge Officers' (that are slotted to a Station) Powers here. Drag them to your quick-use Skill Tray grid to make them easier to find and use in-game.

Keep in mind: when you switch ships or station-slotted Bridge Officers, your Skills may become hidden again and you may have to use the Powers window to find them once more.

Also, if you get a complete Special Ship Set (MACO, OMEGA, Borg, Breen) and equip them, you can get a Special Set Skill that will also be added to the Powers window.

In short: Powers window is your friend.