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02-19-2012, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by Zahalu
EPS Systems and EPS consoles have ZERO effect on weapon power drain, and weapon power recharge rate.

They only affect transfer rates BETWEEN SYSTEMS.
No. Power Transfer Rate under the covers the amount of power per tic that is lost or gain when the current power level is above or below the current total power for a subsystem. Changing power settings will do this. Recovering from the -50 Weapon Power after a Beam Overload is another scenario. Weapon Drain from while weapons are firing is another scenario.

HOWEVER, after a lot of intense testing, the effect of enhanced Power Transfer Rate for weapon fire is negligible. The reason for this is that multiple weapons rapidly drain and restore weapon power instantly. Weapon power gets only a tiny sliver of time to regenerate. You do get a timy bit of power regen while weapons are firing. The net result is that you get about +5 power from totally bottoming out at max drain. (i.e firing 4 beam weapons would bottom you at -30 weapon power at maximum. With some enhanced PTR it's around -25 weapon power. he amount of drained power varies due to weapon fire being staggered and different firing cycles period between weapon types.)