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02-19-2012, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by capt_rac
i just want to know when we will get some more tac/ engineering/science bridge officers to fill those empty seats on the oddyseey class starship it's look like i'm running a skeleton ship. We need officer's from the crew deck to help out.And also it does'nt matter if the officer's are cadet's from starfleet academy i suppose to have 1000 crew member's i do'nt see them unless they are hidin and how come starfleet ship do not have a brig like klingon ship's do or a cargo bay are'nt we suppose to be the supreme fleet in the alpha quadrant DAMN who write's your software.
I agree, the Odyssey's bridge is a bit empty. I just use the Sovereign bridges for it.

Originally Posted by capt_rac
[b][/B As some of you do'nt really know 1 of the u.s.s enterprise sister ship's which was the u.s.s yorktown n.c.c-1717 and NOW a new ship which has never been to the star's is now in commission well both are U.S.S NIMITZ N.C.C-1718-F THE YORKTOWN N.C.C-1717-E does manuevers sometimes on friday's only but the u.s.s nimitz is a truly amazing powerful ship with 2 polaron beam bank's & 2 quantum launcher's on the fore plus on the aft 2 polaron beam array's & two plasma launcher's.Like the enterprise-f the nimitz can take on the big job's because it has borg technology with superb subtrans-warp engine that takes the ship WARP 20 yeah incrediblly fast.. That is just the half of it the rest is top secret about what the ship can do....
I'm not sure what that is, but it's not canon.