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02-19-2012, 09:53 AM
I have a problem. The ticket system gets ignored, so it doesn't really work very well for offering feedback. However, I feel the need to offer feedback on the current state of this program as I'm witnessing far too many discussions which haven't violated any rules getting shut down this weekend.

Is that the goal of this program? To obstruct discussion? If so, bang up job! Top notch and all that!

But before I get into specifics, I'd really like someone to walk me through the process of taking out these tickets, because I've never seen them actually work. They just get sent off into a queue where they're ignored. Unless, of coruse, that's also the goal?

My experience with customer service, especially the ticket process, has been consistent. But consistently ignored. It makes me leery about filing any further tickets as I don't see how they get looked at or responded to?