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02-19-2012, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by arlem72
I would like to see tiers for STF's look like this

Newb, normal, elite...

To progress from one tiers to the next you need to accomplish a certain set of tasks.
how about this

current normal becomes easy, create normal and advanced teirs (shouldnt be to hard) each teir unlocked by for example 15 wins or 5 with optionals, this is per account, that way people can ease their way into higher level play.

they could also make it so you get drop items to buy X gear in easy, xgear drops in normal with low chance of an XI drop, advance gives you high chance of XI and very low chance of XII, and all of them have EDC's BUT as you move up, optional gets you more EDC's per teir.

Easy w/o optional: 1 edc 440 dilith
Easy with optional: 1:5 chance at 2edc and a random roll chance that people can need/greed on salvage(blue) 880dilith

Normal w/o: 1 edc 440dilith
Normal with: 2 edc and a 1:5 chance at a 3rd and random chance roll for need/greed on salvage(blue) and/or possible borg tech drop to roll on 880dilith

Advanced w/o: 1 edc 440dilith
Advanced With: 3 EDC and a 2:5 chance of another EDC(need/greed roll), low chance of proto type salvage or borg tech, higher chance of blue borg tech drop in addition to the edc(possibly also have a blue salvage tag along with the borg tech drop for need/greed randomly) 1100dilith

Elite w/o: 2 edc 1100 dilith
Elite with: 3 edc and a 2:5 chance at 2nd chip, also prototype borg salvage and/or prototype tech should drop. and be rolled on 1440 dilith

another good thing would be a "most valuable" bonus for up to 3 people make it a random salvage/tech drop(just an idea)

thats not all about dps, if your healing/debuffing alot your helping.

another idea/thought some of us have had is if they also added an optional to the optional, if you can get the optional done in XX time(well below the rated time) a bonus would be good, and could even be an incentive for people to drop a teir or 2 and train people, more dliltium or higher chance of a tech drop or salvage...that kinda thing.

again I am very much NOT anti-noob, Im very much anti Idiot.

also I dont agree that you MUST be in mk XI or X prpl gear, I have seen people run who where in white X gear that held their own(weapon wise) by the time you can do stf's you should have your breen gear, and thats a decent starter set.

the idea that you need a full omega/maco set to do stf's is idiotic, i do better in my breen set then full omega or maco....(thats sad i would expect with how hard a full set is to get it would blow away even the borg gear)

best combo I have found is the borg console+deflector+engine+ maco or omega shield, (yes i have full mkX on maco and omega...infact im close to recycling them as the borg gear is better for my uses...and my mk xii maco and omega shields are plenty shield wise....

just a thought but if they did the above, it would actually make people getting full sets of maco/omega easier and would entice people to do lower level stuff longer even after they unlock the next teir, because they would have a higher chance at a full set with set bonus.

well time for some lunch....