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02-19-2012, 01:04 PM
In most "traditional" MMOs, it is not uncommon to grind instances for quite some time before being fully geared. However, having said this, in "traditional" MMOs, epic loot is *guaranteed* to drop from the bosses. The only time it becomes a big grind is when people are trying to get that last piece and are waiting for it to drop.

The problem with the current system is that epic loot is not guaranteed, and EDCs cannot buy MkXII gear. Thus we end up doing elite STFs for what is essentially a "Normal" reward. Most of us will have several sets of Mk XI gear long before we have our first set of Mk XII gear. The drop rate on borg tech and prototype salvage is so low that most elite STFs result in 2 EDCs (requiring 120 elite STF runs to obtain one full set of Mk XI gear - that is ALOT of runs, even if they are short), several dozen Cardassian lockboxes, and miscellaneous gear worth about 40k on the exchange.

What people need is a bigger carrot. If at least one member of the group was *guaranteed* to find very rare borg tech and/or salvage in his goody bag, there would be a much larger incentive to keep grinding. Right now, though, well, there is no longer excitement opening up the goody bag. I've lost any real hope of collecting an entire Mk XII set ... and I do a dozen or so STFs every few days. Even in a "traditional" 20 or even 40 man raid, even when that raid only runs 1 or 2 nights a week, I would have most of my gear long before I had my first Mk XII piece.