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02-19-2012, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by optyk View Post
Title says it all. I can't even play any other $15 a month MMO because STO's C-Store used it all. Yes, I could of just not spent the money on CP's for items. But then if I didn't, there would be no reason to play STO as it would be a empty box basically. Plus, if I just played for 100% free, how would this game survive with no one paying for it? F2P makes no sense. Nothing benefits the end-user at all. And I have no idea how a few bucks here and there in the C-Store beats a $14.99 monthly fee or even a 3, 6, 12 month package.
infact you would be wrong about the 14.99/mo making more, many games that have gone "f2p" have more then trippled their income, this is because people are sucked in by the f2p model, and then in most of these games find they NEED store items to keep up with people who have them(look at games like SilkRoadOnline and KalOnline for easy long standing examples if needing store items to not suck, another is runes of magic)

alot of people play 100% free, but those who buy at times spend hundreds on store points a month(far more then your 14.99 a month)

I know one guy who for years has been putting 60+ a month into f2p games and he dosnt see how thats crazy...

I have no problem with the current cstore model, I would like it if they cut prices a bit(20bucks for a ship is a bit much if you ask me) the cost of the borg boff is kinda sucky because you have to buy it for each char on the acct...

but at least unlike ROM(runes of magic) they dont RENT you the storage about annoying......renting inv and bank space sucks....

so yeah, I guarntee they are making more now then they where when they where getting 15/mo out of people, if only because if even 1/10 players dumps a few bucks in to get keys or costumes or the like, they are making more in volume sales(thanks to the thousands of new players)

think about it this way, you sell tickets to a concert for 50bucks a pop to a band only a few people have heard of you will make some modest profits, but if you throw the concert for free and have concessions and vendors allover the place your gonna make good money off it and drawn in ALOT more people, many of whome will buy their friends stuff (food/hats/cd's/exct), its why alot of times around here you see free woodstock like events.....they wouldnt do it if it didnt make more money then charging for tickets.