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02-19-2012, 01:29 PM
What are the odd's of re-adjusting player rank please?
zero. its never going to happen

Anything above Captain could be achievable by a combination of CXP, STF XP and Accolade points only.
thats a horrible idea. adding STF in there? they're already bad enough to play. they shouldn't have anything to do with rank

I believe one of the Devs posted that the next Ranks would be Fleet Admiral and then just Admiral.
technically it should be the other way around... fleet admiral > admiral

I'd be very surprised if this game ever gets another level cap raise. It's not really part of the F2P model they now have.
they've already said its coming. along with some kind of fleet support and expansion of the iconian storyline

Last I checked in on Champs, it didn't utilize the PWE model quite as much as this game
which nothing at all to do with player rank or levels

That wouldn't stop them from doing it that way though, Unfortunately I can see them doing it too.
I would question the intelligence of the designer who thought doing it backwards made sense or was a good idea

and all of the CO matrix is better than ours, I felt like I got something from subbing to CO, STO. not a thing. I no longer sub though, since i'm so fed up with them about the box crap
everything here is free, which makes STOs matrix better than COs by definition. you don't sub here anyway because you're a lifetimer. you got what you paid for. for you its no different than it was pre-F2P

infact you would be wrong about the 14.99/mo making more, many games that have gone "f2p" have more then trippled their income
and just as many free games fail. in fact the majority fail very quickly. the only ones that make money off it are commercial sized and quality ones that can get their name out there and actually provide a decent experience. STO is lacking on the last part.