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02-19-2012, 03:30 PM
I appreciate your review. I do agree with a few of your suggestions, but the overall majority of them are things that I wanted to actually have in the mission. I'm planning on taking either the S'Kopa or the Trosk dialogue out, but I definitely want the player to return to Qo'noS.

Also, as far as dialog goes, I'm writing less Klingon-like because I realize that the typical Klingon responses make absolutely no sense if the player is a different race; so I'm trying to develop more general responses that will fit all of the races rather than selecting a single race. Another option is for me to go back and place multiple responses on each dialog, but that would just confuse people, I think.

I also forgot that I had Kon on wander as I was testing that out before I republished last. I must have forgotten to take him off wander.

Thank you for your review!