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# 27 Ran disk check @ restart.
02-19-2012, 02:38 PM
Ran check disk @ startup. Took about 1/2 hr, no issues detected. Didn't figure there would be any, since it's a new machine. No surprise there.

turned off Trend, turned off on-demand patching, downloaded ENTIRE patch for Holodeck (live server). Played part of Ultimate Klingon, then map switched after ground portion and game client crashed with decompression error, something about an asteroid texture...

Now I'm turning off Trend, killing one extra Trend process from task manager and turning off firewall. Will try re-downloading patch, just in case windows firewall was disrupting something. Windows Defender is/has been currently disabled. So, shouldn't be that.

Just going through one step at a time, I guess. Whittling it down.