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02-19-2012, 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by shimmy72
If you can, try the following:

This Requires someone with a working copy of STO
1) Copy the working version of STO to a Flash drive or DVD and copy it to the PC having issues.

Does this solve the issue ?

If it does, then it's a connection issue when downloading the game files. (contact your ISP and ask for a line check as you could have a build up of line errors - this manifests itself more with large downloads)

If the Game still doesn't Run / Install or option (1) is out the question ?

2) Run a memory check diagnostic program to see if your memory is healthy

3) Run a CPU diagnostic program to make sure your CPU is working properly

4) Run a HDD diagnostic program to ensure your drive isn't on the way out

5) Run a GFX card diagnostic program to make sure the card isn't on the way out or overheating

Let us know what the results were.

If there's 100 million PC's out there & 1% have a device failure, that's 1million PC's up the duff! Chances of more that 50% of STO users with an unknown PC issue? Higher than you'd imagine!!
Comp is NEW as of a couple weeks ago, so no reason to suspect anything "on its way out." And would GPU going out cause "decompression error"? That sounds like a software / file corruption issue. Just wondering.

Chkdsk didn't turn up anything & didn't expect it to.

Can you suggest a good free CPU / GPU / memory diagnostic program? Preferably something reliable (no spyware, etc.)...

Also, if we copied the working version to a flash drive (not sure whether we have a large enough flash drive) could we even run it on the other machine, or would the program need to be re-registered in the registry, etc. Would we still have to patch files? What exactly are we copying where? Are we literally copying over the top of the bad version with the "good" one? Or putting it somewhere else? Could we do a more limited copy of files like just the texture files, which seem to be what are erroring out duing decompression? What files would we have to copy over and where?

If it were a line issue corrupting downloads wouldn't that affect BOTH machines, since they're both connected to the same hard-wired Frontier FiOS router? I mean, why would only ONE computer manifest download errors if it's a line error, shouldn't they both be crashing? But it's only the new machine showing issues... The old one works perfectly fine. I'm still suspecting an anti-virus / firewall issue. But, it's hard to say. I might disable firewall / Trend & do a complete uninstall and fresh reinstall & patch. Pain in the @$$, but might do something if there really is some residual corrupted file or other (though after a fresh total patch with on-demand disabled, one wouldn't think so?)...


P.S. Added a copy of HijackThis log. Apparently it uses .log extensions rather than .txt. *grumble* Okay, changed that. Hopefully it still works.