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02-19-2012, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by Risingmyst
Since I had already tried that earlier when the issue first began since earlier on in the posts that was a recommendation, I didnt feel I had to notate that since...
I'm going to cut you off there, in a good way and offer an apology. I can admit when I'm in the wrong...

Actually this little scuffle arose out of an error on my part. In my original annoyed post, I actually was referring to the post by Super Tank. Not sure why I managed to include a line from one of your posts (probably 'cause it mentioned checking for viruses & the ol' brain associated with with comments about AV programs, so I didn't pay attention to the source of the comment & it had nothing to do with the other comment). In fact, I didn't mean to respond to you at all... Sorry that I totally missed the different handle and your post get conflated/roped into the gripe. Thought it was the same guy [Super Tank] arguing...

-10 to me for that one. Sorry... *"Reading for comprehension" irony duly noted...* D'oh! *facepalm*

Really was just annoyed by Super Tank's out-of-hand dismissive comment about Grouchy.Otaku's suggestion that AV programs can cause download interruptions (which they can).

My bad, as they say... Didn't mean to level any vituperations at you, Rising. & sorry for not noticing the confusion earlier. *sigh* Will be more diligent in the future...

Anywho, hopefully we can all get along long enough to figure out what the issue is.