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02-19-2012, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by Evil70th

The Klingon like dialog was meant to refer to the general feel of a warrior race. Any of the races that are associated with the Klingons, Gorn, Nausicaan, or others, would not have put up with a Ferengi ordering them around when they had come to warn of a Federation attack. Thatís why I stated that I wanted to beam up and attack the station myself. I understand the story point you were trying to make with it but it still just didnít feel right. My suggestion is to find some other way to tell that part of the story. Perhaps have the player warn the Ferengi and then become curious when the Ferengi disregards it. The player would then research the party or something along those lines.
Well, I would think that any of the races would not want to dishonor the High Council by killing the person they are supposed to go warn. Gotta keep in mind that Klingons are a very honorable people and I wouldn't think they would disobey their orders.

If the player is an Orion, for example, I wouldn't think they would be so eager to kill the Ferengi but rather work out a smuggling business deal with him.

I also added in the part to the dialog about the party guests being upset that their host was killed. Granted, I would love to have a dynamic programmable Foundry where one can choose to kill Kon and then get onslaughted by the party guests.

But I felt it was the best way to tell the story that I wanted to tell and I still think it is justified in the dialog.