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02-19-2012, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
The biggest let down is the differences between the free bridges and the c-store KDF bridges are a big let down because its like someone dropped a droplet of paint and then deemed worthy of being c-store product to sell Not to mention so dark it might as well be a cave LOL
The biggest let down for me is the following:

Even with release we got several bridges that were CLOSE to the originals on fed side (the old defaint variants, the galaxy-like, the Intrepit)
We later got rather inimportant but relativly close bridges like the prometheus...
Now we got 2 prety awsome "deluxe" bridges + interior.

But for KDF ships, there is ONE bridge that has been used in the series again and again.
The Hegh'ta (kurns ship), the Rotarran, the Chi'tang, Changs bop, the okorona (Klaas ship), even all ships in enterprise have used the same bridge with just SLIGHT variantions (an additional console in the back @ changs ship, a second command chair @ lursa and B'tors ship, a helm in the front at the "enterprise" variations)
The ONE, I repeat ONE bridge isnt there.After TWO YEARS.
I do not ask for 4 or 5 KDF bridges, I just ask for THE ONE bride we saw dozends of times (may be with the variations^^ would be less work then doing 4 or 5).