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02-19-2012, 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo
Let us run some numbers.

If you reduce the RoF of a quantum torpedo once (highest probability for that even with three DOffs), you get one volley every 3.5 seconds. With Photons, it is one volley every 1.5 sconds. That means you ROF is now more than twice as high, as opposed to only 30% higher without the DOffs.

Quantums are better as soon as two DOffs are triggered, but each DOff is triggered only with a 20% chance. So, the chance that neither of the three DOffs is triggered after a torpedo shot is 0.8x0.8x0.8=0,512, or 51,2%.

The chance that you trigger only one torp is 3x(0.2x0.8x0.8)=0.384, or 38.4%, and the chance to trigger two of them is 9.6%. The chance to trigger them all three is thus 0.8%. The minium recharge time seems to be 1 second, if I am not mistaken.

Now, this means that with Quantums, you have an average ROF of 8.5x0.512+3.5x0.38.4+1x0.104=5.8 seconds per volley. With Photons, the numbers add up to 4.776 seconds per volley. Multiplied by the base damage of 3313 per volley for a Quantum torpedo and 2980 per volley for a Photon torpedo, that's 571 dps for Quantums and dps for 623 for Photons.
I would suggest that if anyone would like to run Photon Torpedoes instead, on this build, then perhaps they should remove one or two of the Projectile Duty Officers.

I run two Quantums so that each one has three chances to reduce Torpedo cooldown. If two Projectile Duty Officers proc with Photons equipped, the second proc goes to waste, whereas when two Projectile Duty Officers proc with Quantums equipped, the second one does actually reduce the cooldown farther. Since when two proc, which happens often, and guaranteed with High Yield or Spread, the cooldown for Quantums is at their lowest possible point, then their greater damage makes them more valuable to me than Photons.