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02-19-2012, 11:02 PM
I am all having that buzzing /grinding sound IS BACK heard it first on ds9 promenade that got fixed what Thursday or Wednesday now that same buzzing is back this time on Ground "Of Bajor". mission logitech g930 ali i can say is hear we go again .. i did submit a ticket ID #1,290,823

this is happen out side of Commander Achabe's office..

Just so you guys know there is a temp fix but the issue will return once you Exit the game and log back into game to play STO

1. go to the Audio tab in game change your out put device to something else like external speakers apply
2. log out not exit out of game . once LONGED OUT EXIT game with the tab on the left .
3 log back into game as normal
4 once back in return to audio tab in the options area of the game.
5 change back your out put device .i.e Logitech g930 and all is ok

UNTIL YOU LOG OUT OF GAME FOR THE NIGHT / DAY note if you have more then 1+ captains you can switch with out any problems if you exit the game and then back in you will have the sound issue buzzing grinding / this is a TEMPORARY FIX hope this help's out . THE temp fix was discovered by a Friend whom had the same issue on DS9 .. whom was trying to fix it on his own ... .

passing it on to others whom might be having the same issue ..

hope Cryptic gets a permanent fix soon . thank for posting guys ..