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02-20-2012, 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by AJ_McRich
I've traded the flow capacitors for extra protection: something reliable, not 2.5% proc, sorry.

Moreover the plasma proc affects the hull ---> no regeneration (for the big ships) and/or reliable "corrosive" damage (for the little ships).
So far it is satisfactory.
flow capacitors are a lt level skill. they cost nothing and effect a ton of things. like i said, the plasma proc has a chance to deal 20-40 damage to hull, tetryon fully speced can deal 250+ damage to shields, theres no comparison.1 proc does something, the other doesn't. i figured plasma got a skill based boost like tetryon and poloron did but they didn't, and i posted my testing results with them earlier. even if you dismiss procs as unimportant you cant dismiss that 4 out of 6 set shields have built in resistance to their damage. they just are terrible.