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Hello to everyone,
I recently reached the rank of Vice Admiral and finally could use the odyssey,however i feel that I could be doing better,with the right build,so here is my current build.

I think that I could switch the betwen DPS and tank by switching the officer on the universal console as I have an Engineer with:


A few notes on my ship:
Aegis Set,5x Anti-Proton Beams(Mk X),1x Anti-Proton Dual Beam Bank(X),2xQuantum(1 Fore,1 Aft)(MkXI and X)
2xAntiproton Mag-Rgulator(X),
RCS Accelerator(Mk XI),EPS Flow Regulator(MkX),Plasma Distribution Manifold(MkX),Antimatter Spread
2xShield Emitters(X e XI),Field Generator(XI).

So any suggestions to change my build,BOFF,consoles,Skills so it could be more effective,I also would like something that could counter the borgs Tractor Beam(Polarize the hull at the moment) and the shield neutralizer(I know hazard team do this) beyond those skills i have cited.

PS:A doubt,the Reactive Shielding on the aegis,how much is that resistance? The usual 20%?

Thanks in Advance.