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02-20-2012, 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by nremies1 View Post
I ended up reviewing my fits post-skill-revamp and improving them a bit...then put all the best tier gear back on the Sovereign. Took her out and within about 60 seconds I started wondering why I'd ever gone to the Gal retrofit. Sovereign is much more agile and even with the same gear I have like 1000 more shield HP per facing on the Sovvy.
I see your Sovereign's 1000 more Shield strength and raise you 12649 shield strength with 151 regeneration every 6 secs, from my Galaxy Refit. I'm using Covariant Shield XI from Remans or use the old vary rare Covariant X Shield, add the field generater and you boost up capacity. Its all about how you set up your individual ship. Each ship has to be set up differently to max out results.