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02-20-2012, 08:23 AM
-I've thought this would be a neat idea for my star cruiser. Currently, i've got so much energy in my shields i end fights with my hull intact and not a scratch most of the time. However, i haven't fought through the last two story arcs yet, so that could change. I also don't care about being the best at PvP, so i am not familiar with what is currently the most sought-after builds fro that area of combat.

I bring up the shields as a point on turret DPS. You get 360 firing at the loss of damage. i've *rarely* had a fight where my main target (s) were able to consistently stay out of my front 250 for beams. And the ones that can are going to be small fighters that are more annoying than anything else. Eject some plasma or just bash them with your aft weapons and that should be good enough.

You'd have to stack + damage consoles, and you wouldn't have to bother with +turn consoles so that would free up a spot for extra shields/defensive boost.

If anyone has had success at VA with this sort of thing, i'd be interested in seeing the build as well.

Good luck.