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02-20-2012, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by Thomas45 View Post
I think in the next FE we should pull a James T Kirk and get demoted back to Captain for saving the universe or something.
I've said this for awhile... But especially with the focus on level number in Season 5, I would be inclined to make the higher tiers of Asmiral into Duty Officer rewards for maxing out commendation categories; a Fleet Admiral would be someone who has maxed them all out (as that would show commitment to paperwork/delegation).

So that even if the level cap goes up to 60 or 70, you're still a Captain and displaying Admiral ranks would be contingent on Duty Officer progress in multiple categories.

3 makes you a Rear Admiral, 6 maxed commendation categories makes you a Vice Admiral, 9 makes you full Admiral, and 12 makes you a Fleet Admiral.

And maybe bake in optional dialogues for people who have the DOff progress. So anyone who has maxed a minimum of 3 DOff categories starts getting optional mission dialogues with things like:

[Rear Admiral] I order you participate in the peace talks.

If you have the "Rear Admiral" accolade or above, you can start taking shortcuts in missions based on your rank.