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02-20-2012, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by JCSWW View Post
That has nothing to do with how difficult the game is! I've gone through this game on elite with 4 toons and it was still way too easy to get to Vice Admiral. It's not the difficulty level in question. It's the lack of content to stretch out the ranks to make getting to Vice Admiral feel like an accomplishment. Doing all of the missions upwards on elite makes your ranking up even faster. Taking a grade off each rank has hurt this games longevity! They should be adding more, not taking away. With the FE's, you can even skip the entire Cardassian story and have XP to spare to get into Borg Space.
Personally I like how it works. Before it always felt way too grindy because the content was too repetitive, go here kill 6 fleets, go to next system and kill 6 fleets, go to ..... repeat until dead inside. Having levelled up five toons to level cap before all the changes and levelled up another two since F2P went live, I prefer the new system. By the end, I wasn't ready to tear my eyeballs out.