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# 15 The Intruder - Part 1
02-20-2012, 10:32 AM
Captain's Log, star *cough* stardate 13357.9

I always thought radiation would be painful. Most species much such a fuss about it, and yet, *cough* and yet all... all I feel is a tingling, a slight discomfort as my body shuts itself down. I feel tired. I would close my eyes if I didn't... know I would never open them again. It's too late, I know I won't survive, but I figure it's my duty to record one last log entry. It all started...


“Let me out of here, that's an order,” the prisoner commanded. “I am Captain Koth Divvur, commanding officer of the USS Bastion.”

“Yeah, and I'm President Okeg. If you voted for me maybe I'll drop the force field,” the security officer mockingly responded, before turning to his partner, a big grin on his face. The other Deep Space Seven security officer was laughing.

The door to the holding area opened, and both security officers suddenly went rigid, their grins replaced by a face of stern concentration as they stood to attention. Koth, or whoever the purple skinned body he was inhabiting, smiled. He recognised the officer who had just entered. Commander Khaanti Tyn was the Andorian First Officer of the USS Bastion. She was no doubt here to release Koth and help solve the mystery of why he appeared to be a clear metre taller than normal.

Without a word, she walked up to the console and started pressing buttons on the LCARS display panel. The force field dropped. The security officers suddenly went wide eyed with shock as they realised what had just happened, as they both turned to each other enquiringly, Koth shifted his focus to his First Officer, who was now walking towards him.

“Is it me or are you a little shorter than I rememb...”. Koth didn't finish his sentence as the Andorian's fist connected with his jaw. He felt his back hit the back wall of the holding cell before realising his alien legs were no longer allowing him to stand. He slumped to the floor.

“What did you do to the Captain you son of a slime worm!” the Andorian shouted down at him. In the background, the security officers had drawn their phasers, but were still uncertain as to what was happening, trying to work out if they should be pointing them at Koth or a higher ranking officer.

Koth felt blood pouring from his lower lip. He wiped it onto his hand and studied it for a second. As he looked at the deep purple liquid drip from his purple fingers he suddenly felt fear. Captain Koth Divvur was supposed to be a Tyrellian, the first one of his people to ever reach the rank of Captain within Starfleet. He commanded of the finest ships in the fleet with one of the best crews around, many of whom were his friends. What if he could never go back, what if he was to be stuck in this body forever, a species he had never even encountered before? What if no-one believed him?

He pushed these thoughts aside, looking up at his assailant, whose eyes were still fixed on his bleeding purple form.

“It's me Khaanti,” Koth said weakly. The Andorian's face turned to one of confusion, her antennae twitched as she tried to process this unexpected response. However, Koth never got a chance to elaborate further as the door to the holding cells opened again. This time a human male walked in, Commander Roberts, commander of Deep Space Seven. The two security officers again stood to attention, holstering their phasers as they did so. One of them missed the holster and the phaser clattered to the floor. With a slightly embarrassed look he knelt down to pick his weapon up, while his friend struggled to hold his face in a neutral expression. Commander Roberts sighed;
“You two, stand guard outside.” he commanded, before turning his attention to the remaining two people in the room.
“I see you decided to question my prisoner without me Commander Tyn,” he said to the Andorian.
“A prisoner that assaulted the Captain of my starship,” she replied.
“And you felt that assaulting his assailant would somehow help the Captain as he fights for his life in sickbay?” Roberts asked. Khaanti remained silent so the Commander continued. “I should inform you that Doctor Tunok has indeed managed to stabilize Captain Divvur, and although he is still currently unconscious, we hope he will make a full recovery.”

“ I somehow doubt that,” Koth said, rising to his feet. “Captain Divvur is right here.” Both Starfleet officers turned to the unidentified purple alien in the holding cell.
“My chief of security informed me of your claims. I am not sure what you intend to accomplish with this ruse, but I fully intend to find out why you were in a section of the station restricted to non-starfleet personnel.” the station commander said.
“Because I am a Starfleet Officer, I was attacked, and when I woke...” Koth started to reply.
“Enough of this, Doctor Tunok will be along any minute to run a DNA scan. We will establish what species you are and cross reference that with everybody who has arrived on the station the last few months. Once we have your identity, we will start to ask you why you were in that section and what you did to the Tyrellian Starfleet Captain currently lying in our sickbay.”
Khaanti, who had remained silent during this exchange, decided to speak.
“If you want, we could get Doctor Grax to come over from the Bastion to conduct the scan.” It seemed like an odd thing to do for a prisoner, but then Koth realised she was testing him.
“Cygnus is currently on shore leave on Bolarus visiting his parents. Of course, officially, the crew believes he is at a medical conference on Earth. However, after the two of you had a heated debate regarding a personal matter, I decided he could do with...” Koth replied, supplying information that only the two of them should know.
“Ok, that's enough. I guess the station's Doctor will conduct the scan,” Khaanti interrupted.

At that very moment the Doctor arrived. The Vulcan physician wasted no time starting a full scan of the purple alien in the holding cell. He completed the scan, saying nothing but the word “interesting”, before using the computer console, entering the data he had obtained.
“What's interesting Doctor?” Commander Roberts asked.
“If you will just be patient Commander, I am currently completing my analysis.” the Doctor replied.
“Can you give us any information now?” the station commander asked.
“I would prefer to finish my analysis before divulging that information Commander.”
“Doctor...” Commander Roberts said, a stern edge to his voice.
“This person is a Falsakian.”
“What's a Falsakian?”
“Commander, if you allow me two minutes to finish my research I will be able to answer all your questions.”
The room was completely silent for what seemed like an eternity. Koth started to pace up and down, which brought a smile to his First Officer's face, although she was quick to disguise it. Being unable to sit down for any length of time was a trait this 'Falsakian' shared with her Tyrellian Captain. It seemed that she was starting to believe Koth was who he said he was.

In what was, knowing Vulcans, 120 seconds later, Doctor Tunok presented his results:
“Commander, Falsakian's are a species believed to originate from unexplored star clusters beyond the Romulan Empire. Their species has a unique ability to copy the memories of an individual through prolonged touch, subsequently being able to draw upon these memories with crystal clarity. It is believed the Tal Shiar has used them on several occasions to obtain classified information.”
It was Khaanti who responded first, her eyes narrowing as she looked at Koth.
“So you have stolen the Captain's memories and are now using them to try and trick us!” she said, pointing an accusing finger at the Falsakian, her voice trembling with anger.
“No, no. I'm Koth Divvur. Maybe something went wrong, the Falsakian may have been interrupted, or he had never stolen memories from a Tyrellian before.”
“That is possible. Tyrellian physiology has evolved a unique set of characteristics. It is why Betazoid's are unable to use their empathic abilities on them.” the Doctor interjected.
“So you are saying that there are now two Koth Divvur's?” Khannti asked the Vulcan, her voice calmer.
“As I stated before, it is possible. However, the evidence suggests that it is more likely that this Falsakian is using those memories in an attempt to escape captivity.”
“I'm me Khaanti, you have to believe that,” Koth said, before smiling at his first officer and continuing. “Of course, if there are now two Captain Divvur's, does that mean you are now Second Officer?”
The Andorian Commander rolled her eyes. “We are still going to have to keep you in this holding cell for now while we carry out further...”

“Stone to Commander Roberts.” The panicked voice came from station commander's combadge. Koth recognised the voice, it was the new Chief Engineer he had met when the Bastion had first arrived.
“Go ahead,” the Commander responded.
“Sir, we have a problem. We were checking the section where we picked up that intruder. The primary generator has been sabotaged. At the rate the temperature is increasing, it will overload in about 15 minutes, taking the entire station with it.”
“Can you fix it?”
“I don't think so sir. We have a lot of radiation leaking into the surrounding sections. I don't know enough about these old types of reactor to repair it before the radiation kills me.”
“Then sound the evacuation alarm.” the commander said.
“Tyn to Bastion”, Khaanti said, tapping her combadge. “We need an emergency evacuation of the station, start beaming everyone you can aboard the ship. We need to detach in twelve minutes if we are to get to a safe distance.”
“Commander, there is no way we can evacuate the entire station in that time.” came the response.
“I know, just get everyone you can.” the Andorian said, closing the channel.
“Commander, I estimate that we can evacuate 62.9 per cent of the station's population before the station is destroyed.” Doctor Tunok offered. With this statistical analysis of the situation, things looked grim.

To be continued...