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# 16 The Intruder - Part 2
02-20-2012, 10:32 AM
And now the conclusion...

“I think I can fix it.” said Koth. Both Commanders turned to face the Falsakian, who had been almost forgotten about as the current situation unfolded. Koth continued:
“When I... that is Koth Divvur, was a Cadet, I stopped a similar problem with one of these old ND-17 reactors at Starbase 19. That's why I was in that section when I was attacked. I was helping your new Chief Engineer get to know his way around the old machine.”
“This could be a ruse, to escape captivity before the station is destroyed.” Commander Roberts pointed out.
“It could also be the only way to save everybody on board this station. You have to trust me on this” Koth countered.
“I'll go with him,escort him the the Engineering section.” Khaanti said.
“You can't Khaanti. If I fail, you will be killed in the explosion. That section is too heavily shielded to beam you out from there.”
“Then you had better be Koth Divvur, one of the best engineering minds in Starfleet and the luckiest Captain I have ever met.” the Andorian said.

Koth, or at least the purple skinned Falsakian with Koth's memories, was climbing ladders to the generator's primary control hub. He had insisted Khaanti stay behind at the junction, away from the areas filled with radiation. However, they still had a open comm channel.
“You know, I've been thinking. This Falsakian had quite a cunning plan,” Koth said.
“What do you mean?” Khaanti asked in response.
“Well, first he sabotages the station, so that it, and the Bastion, will be destroyed once he is clear. Then he steals my memories, including all sorts of things Captain's get, like secure access codes to Starfleet Command databases and other stuff like that.”
“Then the station explodes, killing Captain Divvur, and before any of those codes are cancelled or changed, Starfleet has to send another ship to investigate, confirm that the USS Bastion was destroyed and not just out of contact. While that investigation is ongoing, free access to all sorts of top secret intel” Khaanti concluded. “Of course, if you are indeed a Falsakian pretending to be the Captain then fixing your own sabotage job won't help. Though I suppose imprisonment is better than being on this station when it explodes.”
“I'm not going to prison Khaanti. The radiation is going to kill me.”
“What?,” Khaanti exclaimed. “You said you had done this before.”
“Yes, as a Tyrellian, who have evolved to withstand high doses of radiation.”
“Maybe Falsakians have similar res...” the channel went dead as Koth got too close to the reactor core. As he reached the control hub he started adjusting isolinear chips, re-routing power, using everything his engineering background had taught him. As he did so, his body felt increasingly more tired and he started coughing.
“Computer, begin log entry. Captain Koth Divvur, USS Bastion.”


Captain Koth Divvur, Tyrellian commanding officer of the USS Bastion was pacing up and down on the bridge as he listened to the log entry. All the other officers had been going about their routine tasks but, one by one, the tapping of LCARS consoles faded as the members of the Bastion's bridge crew stopped to listen to the log entry. By the end of the recording the bridge was completely silent.

Koth sat down in the Command chair and turned to his first officer, Commander Khaanti Tyn.
“So what do you think, was this Falsakian really another me, or just pretending?” the Captain asked.
“I'm not sure,” Khaanti responded.
Koth thought about it for a bit, then looked again at the Andorian.
“So, if there were two Captain Divvur's, does that mean you were actually the Second Officer?” he asked.
Khannti chuckled. “Sometimes I am glad you are unique Captain. If there were two people with your sense of humour I'm sure the universe would collapse in on itself.”
“We are ready to undock from Deep Space Seven Captain.” the conn officer announced.
“Then lets get going, plenty more adventures to be had.” Koth commanded, rising to his feet. “And next time there are two of me Commander Tyn,” he added, speaking over his shoulder to his first officer, “try and keep one of me alive long enough to meet the other. Now that would be an experience.”