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02-20-2012, 10:58 AM
I posted in another thread with my idea to fix alot of this, it would fix alot of the "idiots in elite" part(not all noobz are new to the game, so I think saying idiots is easier for people to understand)

we need 4 teirs of STF.

1. easy mode: whats now normal

in easy mode you get 1 edc and 440 dilithium for winning, if you get optional people get a 1:5 chance at a 2nd chip AND a 1:5 roll at blue tech and/or salvage, as well as 880 dilitiium

2. new normal: this would be a bit harder, rewards would be as above but with with a 2:5 chance of getting tech and/or salvage.
no injuries in the first 2 teirs.

3. new "Advanced" mode. here you start getting injuries but you also get 2 EDC, a 1:5 chance at a 3rd, but with optional its 1:5 chance at prpl tech or salvage if you manage the optional 1100 dilitium with optional, 880 without. optional could also add a blue peice of tech/salvage per run if you get optional, this encourages people to do their best.

4. Elite: 2 EDC's for a win, 3:5 chance at an extra edc, 1:5 chance at prpl tech/salvage and 880dilitium, optional adds 3:5 chance at prpl tech or salvag and 1440 dilitium.

the numbers could be tweaked, you dont wana make it to easy to get the stuff, but you dont want it so hard that nobody really has full sets either.

and this isnt 100% same as other port I made on this idea(it was better writen) but is a basic idea, Also , each teir is unlocked by doing the lower teir as follows
15 wins= unlock from easy to normal or normal to advanced or advanced to elite.
5 with optional gets you the the unlock quicker.

this forces people to progress up the line without it being a real grind to get to the next teir, it also progressivly gets harder so they can start to learn the ins and outs of how to do elites as they work the way up.

and unlocks would be on an acct basis not per char(tho even if it was per char, it wouldnt be a biggie to me, as 15 wins is easy peasy, 5 with optionals is also easy pease if you got a 1/2 competent team)

I think we could fix alot of the problems with STF by doing what the game fails to do(despite trying), force people to work their way up.

normal stf's start at 44, but most people blow from 44-50 in a couple hours now( I know I did) as such they try and do elites right off the bat and fail horribly....

with my idea they could even lower the level cap on normals to 40 or lower, let people start working at a X level set of STF gear so when they hit the magic 50 they have a set that will let them actually stand a chance of contributing in elites

I should probably post this as its own topic honestly, most of the ideas I have seen to fix stf are only to fix 1 aspect, and yeah thats great and all, if we could fix alot of problems at once without having to create a ton of extra work for the dev's(who really need some time to debug the game....)