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Originally Posted by vironica View Post
My second uniform slot is a lowly lieutenant and when doing such things as Bajor or other low tasks I play the part of a junior officer. I don't like running around as Admiral so I don't for the most part. Imagination is all in your head. There shouldn't be 300 admirals hovering around DS9 therefor there aren't because I use my imagination. Rank is what you choose to display on your uniform - not what Cryptic displays as a icon next to your name at the top of the screen.

Heck, my tactical admiral weird alien thing flipped uniforms into a human female science officer. I role played that this was the alien shape shifting into the form of her deceased foster mother whom she cherishes and being 'human' made her less scarey to those around her.

My crew were all promoted to commander to get the skills yet they are not all commander. My first officer and medical officer are but the rest are a mixture of chief to lieutenant commander if you look at their uniform.

You must use your imagination and you do even though you don't know you are such as did you destroy the dooms day weapon and become a hero or did every single other player do it also?

TLDR: Your character is what you make of it. If you don't want your admiral to do trivial tasks then flip uniforms and role play as a junior officer ordered to do it by the admiral and have fun.
Running around with the Captains Pips & the Captain title is what I (and from what I see many others) are doing already. Problems are the NPC dialouges which are not tied to the choosen title but to the level. If they would use that I would not care at all if my level at some point tells me that I'm the president of the federation.