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02-20-2012, 12:27 PM
I disagree respectfully.
I only pvp with my kdf eng and have done so thousands of times.
With so many ways of getting around cloak the brell is a flying coffin.
I bought it with money a long time ago and have tried to get it to work in elite pve dailies and come up snake eyes.
Yes, it is sweet in kerrat. But not in any other situation.
I can honestly say the same with the tac carrier but that was eventually fixed.
But the brell is a death trap.
Not enough dps and not enough hps. But it has a ebc. The ebc makes it a t5 ignoring the fact that it still doesn't have a lot of dps or hps. To me it it equivalent to flying a t3 ship with a good cloak; as soon as the cloak drops you are a t3 ship