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02-20-2012, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by manitoba1073 View Post
OK I have been doing some(actually a lot of) Elites the last few since the update with the lock boxes and it seems loot has fallen off the edge of teh world.(go figure saw this comming when they said when adding the lockboxes, from previous experience in other MMO's who have "same styled random loot generators)

Anyways for the suggestions. These are guarenteed drops and noted chance drops

Normal STF finish loot bag.

No optional completed (1 EDC) Chance for Rare Borg Salvage

Optional completed (2 EDCand 1 Rare Borg Salvage) Chance for Common Borg tech or Rare Borg Tech

Elite STF finish loot bag

No opional completed (2 EDC and 1 Rare Borg Salvage) Chance for Prototype Borg Tech

Optional completed (4 EDC and 2 Rare Borg Salvage or 1 Prototype Borg Salvage) Chance for Prototype Borg Tech.

Then we can in some sort ot trade in for upgrading in a way for our accumilated parts to something like this.

20 EDC for 1 Common Borg Tech (already in game)
40 EDC for 1 Rare Borg Tech (already in game)

What would make a good change of EDC's or the others to trade to Prototype Borg Salvage?

The Elite sets would have no way of being able to get by trade upgrading, keeping their rarity.

This comes from my last 20 or so Elite STFs and getting 2 EDCs and 1 or 2 junk modules + mystery box. per run., Not seeing a single Rare borg Salvage or Prototype come up in the optional bag anytime the optional was completed on Elite.
this is sort of what I posted the other night, I like the idea of a way to exchange edc's for tech, but was kinda thinking eventually maby they could make an STF exchange where people could trade tech and EDC's as they do EC and items now, limit it to the things you get from STF's, so if somebody has an extra MKII chit they could trade it for EDC's or tech items, it would keep it so that people couldnt directly trade/sell stf items, and would still need to do stf's but would let people with uneven luck have a way to get decent gear for their grinding *humm off to post that thought*