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02-20-2012, 01:58 PM
Hey, I think you tried looking for the mission just after a patch update. The foundry missions get automatically republished after a patch which takes a few hours, so only my oldest mission showed.

Many thanks for your run through and review. It's actually very beneficial to watch someone else actually play the mission and see what they did and what their reactions were.

It was pretty painful watching the part where you got stuck! I'm not sure why the marker for the objective to find Tenek didn't appear on the map, I know it used to. I'll revisit the map and see if I can get that working. A tip though for when you play any mission is to use your tricorder (button left of the mini map) which usually points you to the direction of the next objective.

I look forward to seeing your run through of RogueEnterprise's mission this week!