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# 1 Tier 5 Akira
02-20-2012, 02:05 PM
Is there any news on whether we may see a Akira retrofit other than the Thunderchild, basically a Akira thats a RA LH/UH or VA ship. I really want to replace my Prometheus and Defiant with a Akira in Borg STF Elite runs.

Its a waste after commander to leave this ship behind as she is a real beauty and graceful in her movement.

I'd even like to see her as a heavy cruiser with reduced turn rate but slightly above a Excelsior but with a weaker hull.

A tactical cruiser with good manoeuvrability,

boff setup

4 forward weapon slots
3 or 4 aft weapon slots

Lt Commander tactical
Ensign Tactical
Commander engineer
Lt engineer
Lt science


3 engineer
2 science
3 tactical