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02-20-2012, 01:24 PM
From my first mission something I've missed and had to give up on:

BIG ONE - PLEASE give us some kind of basic scripting ability so that we can at least make a contact/ship/object to move from point A to point B that we set. Its very very limiting to have only static NPC contacts. Makes missions very dull. JOB option with paths is a random thing and it doesn't really help.

Ability to trigger an alert FX, the alert beacons that we have they are simply laughable. Maybe some kind of weather effect you can place into room, the whole map possibly? Ambient red alert like one of the other posters mentioned.

Ability to place a trigger to trigger a specific sound, at this point we can onnly do explosion and tremor sounds - this has been mentioned in some upcoming content for Foundry but it never made it in...

Ability to use music from the list of available in STO choices on your custom created map. If I use music this way it has to disable regular STO client none-stop music until mission is completed. This is a huge atmosphere breaker. If I need a dark music to be played in specific system and then players STO client will decide to play a himn on that planet or some disco tune this completely destroys the creators thought for what player supposed to feel.

Working horizontal forcefield, and more forcefield variations including a door size one.
Also a door that could open/close based on trigger conditions. Door closed - can't get through, door opened - walk through.

Fix the on-map dialogues. They worked when I played a specific map but when the whole mission is played those dialogue don't pop up when location is reached. Everything else was triggered properly. Dialogues have not.

More FXes for space. Some kind of rays projected from one object to another. For example - if ship is being towed or tractor beam is used in static condition, there is no FX in space at this point to show a projection of energy of any type from one object on another. In general we have many less FXs in space than we can have on ground maps.

Few templates for puzzle creation - at this point we have to bend our dialogues and make player run from one thing to another which is more of annoyance than an actual puzzle. Give us some kind of a basic mechanics for puzzle creation, some blocks, logic, something, I don't know.