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02-20-2012, 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by Starboard_Nacelle View Post
Agreed. I've heard the Galaxy is next on Cryptic's queue, and I seriously think they should re-think that decision. The Galaxy Bridges currently in the game actually resemble the set from the show, and the generic ship interiors use the same hallway configuration as a Galaxy-class starship. Give the Intrepid some love. Its Bridge is godawful.
Reckon I should cut this up a bit, you're right in that it LOOKS like the good old Galaxy, but the size is all wrong and it REALLY doesn't tie the room together man.

Watching TNG and then hoping onto the bridge in game makes me wonder where the hell all this overhead space is from and why it takes me a min to get to the conn when Picard could get up, take three steps and be right behind Data almost.

Now I ain't looked at the Intrepid bridge and if it's as messed up as ya'll say then sure make that that priority but the Galaxy needs her work too.