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02-20-2012, 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
I think it's sad that you guys seem to believe that we are all just lifeless husks typing away at computers until the bell rings 5 o'clock.

Today is Presidents' day. It's a federal holiday, and we have the day off. I GUARANTEE there are people at work, right now, cranking on something because they want to get some little extra thing in before the deadline. People routinely stay at work for 10 or 12 hours. People are routinely at work until midnight. We DO fight for things, all the time. However, you guys don't see that. Some of the systems in the game may not have existed today if it weren't for some passionate dev backing it, and pushing for it. We do this all of the time. But, as with anything, you have to pick your battles, and no matter how right you are, if all you ever do is scream in someone's face about how wrong something is, they're going to stop listening to you sooner rather than later. Or in the case of an employee. . .
Tumor while this is great and wonderful and even appreciated, I for one, Feel no sympathy, I'm sorry but I won't. I spent 16 years in the military, Did the First Desert Storm where my routine day was 18-20 hours. Holidays, birthdays, Births deaths and everything else meant nothing. I had a job to do. Nothing or no one could stop it.

I currently work in Law enforcement, Routinely work the holidays, go without lunch, work for 16 hours straight, get 5 hours of sleep and work again. While I think the dedication you show by coming and staying late is admirable I'm sorry but I won't give you any sort of props for it, The Folks who deserve that, Never ask for it.

it is great that you do that, I am glad you do and I am certain you make a difference for doing so but if you seek sympathy or admiration for doing it, to me, you are to quote " doing it wrong"

Also if you have to fight so hard for things I for one question the understanding/ knowledge of your management team, if they fight you at every turn, something is wrong.

Either way I am glad you do what you do for us, but in the current frame of things, its not all that big due to how the things outside of you and what you do have effected us. Even the brightest Candle goes out in the windstorm.

For the record, I loved my time in the military, and would never ever trade it for anything, my time behind the badge has been the same, I love what I do, and do it risks and all because I like my job.