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02-20-2012, 02:10 PM
I would really like, for missions like 'Of Bajor', to simply be able to become one of my Bridge Officers temporarily.

That way I could have the illusion of sending a subordinate to do tasks that a Vice Admiral would never do. Since they top out at Commander rank, there would be way fewer instances where it would be an odd situation. I could even keep around a lowly Ensign if I wanted to.

Wouldn't that really be a better solution? Heck, for that matter, let me become my XO for Away missions if I want to.

I do like the idea of an Alien having alternate costumes for his Bridge Officers... but it doesn't turn a Tactical captain into a Science officer.

Sure, I know the tech doesn't exist for it right now. But that's the "solution" that I would rather see.