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02-20-2012, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by Tick0

*sits down in corner of room, moves into fetal position and rocks back and forth, sucking thumb*
*Sits down next to Tick* There there. Dont let the big bad man hurt your feelings. Just because he cant defend against our cannons of awesome, dont let him get you down.

To the OP, learn to defend against cannons. If you nerf the cannons, what good will escorts be? Since you brought up PvP, if you are taken out easily, dont do it until you have a proper build. PvP is not PvE, where you can get away with poor ship builds and low grade equipment, barring STFs. Ask around the game, your fleet, friends, and the forums for a build that will work for you, and get used to it. Dont go into a PvP match fresh from PvE and expect to be awesome. Read the guides out there to find out just what equipment will work for you. Learn from mistakes you make in PvP and fix them.