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# 8 ZeroNavigator and Stylsy
02-20-2012, 04:25 PM
I'll be very happy to run your mission. Right now there is no requirement other letting me know you have something to share with the community. I'm looking for a run through date for my Tuesday the 21st episode of my STO show on at 11pm CST.

Thanks for letting me know about the patches. I didn't know patches would cause that. Glad to know cause I thought I was looking in the wrong places. Anywho, the tricorder tip is great. I totally forgot about that. I'm going to have to limit the games I cover because I seem to forget often what I need to do in each game!

Thanks for the comments and feedback. My goal is to run two episodes tomorrow night for Star Trek night so I can cover both your Foundry Missions.

See you both later!