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02-20-2012, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by RAJ_2011
Hello Everyone

Does anyone feel or think that the cannons are overpowered, especially in pvp? Not only that but shouldn't they miss your ship when your performing high manoeuvres to avoid getting hit? Everyone time when pveing and pvping I have noticed that the cannon fire follow the same it is firing on like a torpedo, is this, right? To me this is very inaccurate and I think should be looked in to. Fair enough since they are cannons they should have the highest dps out of all weapons. But they take down shields and hull way to easily. What do you guys think?
Let me guess.. You when't in to a warzone with your PvE build cruiser And you were beaten easly by a escort (That most like contiuned to hunt you down becouse you are a easy target). So my advice to you is to ask your friends/fleet what a defence build again'st cannons would be. Or eqip a escort with full of cannon weapons yourself (stop thinking just becouse you fly a cruiser "just like kirk and Picard" that you can be unbeatable). honestly it's guys like that. that make the most tempting target's for escort pilots.
So Please Stop Crying For a nerf when you don't understand how to come up with a stable defnce build in the first place