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02-20-2012, 07:17 PM
I have yet to even venture near the STO forums since Of Bajor was released, but I can pretty much guarantee that a majority of "gamers" are probably throwing hissy-fits over the new episode because not only does the mission have things a player must read, but it's simply stuffed to the gills with reading.
My biggest complaint is not that I had to read so much, but that I had to read so much and have it do nothing to progress the story. We're still at the same point we were when we finished Second Wave, the only difference is now we're on Bajor instead of sitting in orbit looking at a massive group of ships and wondering "why can't I go take the station back with these guys?"

I have no issue against thinking games and puzzles in a game, and the one (singular, because click up and down the frequencies till you get it right and click on some books till the game tells you the answer isn't a puzzle) instance of this, the Soil mission, was entertaining, if a bit out of place considering the situation. I also find your use of the term "pew-pewers" to be somewhat degrading, you're using it as though you look down on people who like more action oriented gameplay in a game revolving around a war.

Although a player may not necessarily have realized it, by the time he's completed all of the mini-missions, he should be very comfortable with the layout of the social map, from the locations of the Starfleet and Bajoran militia headquarters to the placements of the arboretum and the plaza.
And this may be pointing out the biggest flaw in this episode, it's not an episode. It's a tutorial mission, like the one you get on ESD and First City that has you moving around a place to get a feel of it. Thats why me, and a few others at TIE, are pretty underwhelmed by it. It's got very little substance (be that substance narrative story or action in any form), it's simply a bunch of fetch quests common of a tutorial with a small bit of actual plot connected story at the end that serves to progress the story ahead almost none. A none combat mission with this much dialog and reading should heavily advance a plot, I don't feel it did this.