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02-20-2012, 07:37 PM
I very much enjoyed reading the article, and agreed with much of it. I didn't get the sense that, as others have suggested, the author was either promoting Cryptic's POV or bashing anyone who prefer action over roleplay/text driven missions.

On the contrary, I think the author was simply pointing out a clear difference in the way people will approach this mission depending on their primary reason for playing the game. I play this game and pay a monthly subscription primarily because it is Star Trek (and I love all aspects of Star Trek, especially storyline). I do not and have not played any other MMO (with the exception of Champions Online for a very brief stint) because the primary motivation for me playing is enjoyment of the genre itself, not action/combat etc. Thus, hands down, well-written Star Trek dialogue (as this FE had in spades) will win for me every time over combat-driven missions.

I would also contest the suggestion that the FE did not do anything story-wise. It may not have advanced the over-arching plot of this series but nor did every episode of any of the Star Trek seasons, particularly DS9, move the over-arching plot forward. There were, for example, many episodes of DS9 where all the elements of the Federation/Dominion war were present, but the episode still stood alone from it and did not advance the over-arching plot of the war.

The FE did, however, have a self-contained storyline revolving around making the various preparations for what will be the inevitable re-establishment of the Federation on DS9.