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02-20-2012, 08:49 PM
Well i think I'm wasting my time writing this here but guys your game is great your service is crap,
i spent part of late December and most of January and February fighting to connect to your server or the game froze on load up.. wrote to no avail no reply well what do i expect as a life time member
i think i would be ashamed of myself offering a service and charging people for something that rarely works
wrote recently after managing to get into game only to receive 3 replies from a Gm that was just as thou i was talking to an automated person Bug was not dealt with i was brushed off to write to another email address rather than in game mail (Shock) then the Gm had the nerve to say i should have put in title bug so now i am at a gateway where i can log in and sit in space not able to move not able to complete quests watch my dilithium that i have been earning for the ship i wanted to get in February for the event which i couldn't get because i could log in disappear so dilithium is disappearing my ships torpedo's launchers have vanished so what do i do know?
Did i waste my money on a lifetime membership?
Or is it true That lifetime membership means you dont get any service......................