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02-21-2012, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
But on the internet, your inflection does not come through. Your witty sarcasm comes off as elitist snobbery. And often what may be intended as constructive criticism on one end, ends up looking like hate fueled rage by time it reaches the other. This is why it is VITAL to be polite, respectful, and conscious of how your words are going to come across on the other end. I screw it up CONSTANTLY, and I apologize for miscommunications regularly. It's an inevitability. It will happen, but keeping all of that in mind while you post, and remembering that the dev that screwed up whatever you're ****ed off about, is a real, genuine human being on the other end of the tube, is absolutely necessary for your post to come across well, and relay the information you intend to, not the passionate rant we often perceive.

No Dev response, does not equal no Dev interest.
I am also a software developer and we also have an active forum where several posters are extremely passionate over the software, analyze every single version of it that is out there. Sometimes, I feel compelled to read the forums and I also consider that it would be really useful if I could just write something there. But - I shy away from it, because I don't want those posters to latch onto me and expect me to post regularly or berate me for stuff we build. Whether it's a bug or just a feature that doesn't work like they want it to. I'd rather let the community manager handle these things. If any questions come up, she can come to me or my colleagues and ask and we will gladly give a reply that's as precise and clear as we can make it (without handing out the source code and say "see for yourself " )