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02-21-2012, 12:52 AM
Originally Posted by ZeroNavigator
Ability to use music from the list of available in STO choices on your custom created map. If I use music this way it has to disable regular STO client none-stop music until mission is completed. This is a huge atmosphere breaker. If I need a dark music to be played in specific system and then players STO client will decide to play a himn on that planet or some disco tune this completely destroys the creators thought for what player supposed to feel.

More FXes for space. Some kind of rays projected from one object to another. For example - if ship is being towed or tractor beam is used in static condition, there is no FX in space at this point to show a projection of energy of any type from one object on another. In general we have many less FXs in space than we can have on ground maps.
I second these 2!

What I am dearly missing are all kinds of damage FXes for space like plasma fires, warp core leaks etc. Atm there is not a SINGLE damage FX available.